Wednesday, May 13, 2009

love letters on the sidewalk

Today, my dear friend, Meredith, and her darling daughter, Rachel, came to see me in my little woodland home.

Above is the proof. Sadly, i couldn't find a way to hold the camera still, so it's a little fuzzy, but you still can believe me. =)

Anyway, the point is we had a nice visit that had been long overdue.

While she was here, we went shopping....i know, why would we shop in the middle of nowhere? Well, we just did. And while we were shopping, Meredith wanted to purchase some sidewalk chalk for my neighbor friend, Skyler. He's eight. So Meredith purchased said chalk. After Meredith left, Skyler used the chalk on our porch. And when he was done, he burst inside to tell me to "come look!"

Clearly, this is a picture of a magical flying car and a person with a rainbow over the grass.

This one, if you can't make it out, is a picture of "God's cross." and beside God's cross, is written the words, "you are the best." I'm not sure, at this point, whether that was directed at God or me.

This one says, "I love yoy, beth." I think we might need be work on some spelling skills here, but i got the point. I love yoy too, Skyler.

This one is some random little girl at the beach. Below the water are a rainbow fish, a happy fish, and an apparently very dangerous and toothy fish.

And here's our artist. I guess i should've made him laugh before i snapped the picture. =)

And this post is for my friend, Meredith, who has demonstrated to me, over and over, the value of investing in the lives of others.

I love yoy, Meredith!


  1. Tell Skylar that I love him and his pictures!!! Sooo glad he liked the chalk!!

    i love yoy too!!! it was a great day ~ thanks for it!!

  2. That is really touching and sweet, especially the I love Yoy part.

  3. Skylar's face is precious!
    Nice drawings.
    I like the 3 different fish.

    Meredith~ encouraging me to search for ways to bless others.


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