Saturday, May 9, 2009

To My Mom

Whenever i think about saying nice things about my mom, i automatically start crying -- because my mother's love evokes so much emotion in me that i can't really keep it in.

My mom is one of the gentlest creatures i have ever known...and one of the strongest.

My mom's laughter is my favorite sound i have heard so far. In fact, one of the reasons i came to love my husband is that he can make my mom laugh - a lot.

My mom loves Jesus. I know because of all the times i saw her up early in the morning - before anyone else, spending time in His word. And because one of the only times i saw her cry was in His presence.

My loves me. I can tell because of the way i feel when she puts her arm around my shoulders and makes me feel that i belong.

My mom is unassuming, graceful, kind, faithful, true, generous, giving, and wise.

My mom is a baton passer - of faith and unconditional trust in our living God.

The longer i live, the more that i realize what an extraordinary gift i was given - when God gave me my mom.

I love you, Mom!

Happy Mother's Day!

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