Monday, June 22, 2009

Could you pick my cartoon out of a lineup?

I keep seeing this advertisement for that claims you can create a cartoon picture of yourself. The advertisement shows real-life photos next to their cartoon recreations that are spitting images.

So, i was a little "off task" this evening and decided to give it a shot.

I really really spent some time trying to find the right mouth and the right nose...all the just right matching facial features. It lets you change the position of the facial features, make them bigger or smaller and so on. It is very versatile considering. But, can you pick my cartoon out of a line-up? I doubt it.

A couple of notes.....if you're a plus sized woman, you get your choice of exactly one outfit. It's an empire waist dress, with tights and baby doll shoes (or that's what i call them). Thankfully, i could crop out that horrible outfit. The actual shape of the face just barely changed between options, and adding a double chin wasn't in there. So i did the best i could. I think i actually found my nose though. The rest i wasn't sure about.

Just for fun...whadya think?


  1. Looks pretty accurate to me! Very beautiful. I want to try!

  2. Seems like fun to me. Not a perfect match but cute. I'll have to try too.

  3. i made one for twitter...... it looked close when I looked like that...... with my red hair and all... let me see if I can copy and paste it or somehow let you see.


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