Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Four Score and 17 Years from Last Tuesday

Most recently, i might have led you to expect some entertaining chicken adventures to be told in the near future. And in truth, i did intend to tell you some. But sometimes, present adventures take precedence over formerly entertaining adventures, and the latter lose their vigor. Or something like that.

In the past week, i have lost 3 of my six chickens, to predators who were given easy advance by our lack of preparation.

We believe the evil cowardly woodland creatures to be raccoons, for whom i no longer have any affection. Two of our birds, Rosie and Renegade, were taken without any sign of a struggle sometime Thursday night. The third, Hawkeye, was attacked Friday night. It seemed possible that she might beat the odds and overcome her injury, but today it became apparent that she would not get better but worse, and we had to "let her go."

Sorry to be so cryptic. I'm feeling sort of cryptic.

So anyway, my former adventures that i planned to tell you are not so entertaining to me now.

I do have an enjoyable bit.

This weekend, we acquired a new-to-us vehicle for a nearly unbeatable price, and my remaining 3 beauties, Daisy, Daffodil, and Genovieve, have taken to roosting on the windshield wipers in the evening.

Now, when we look outside in the evening, around dusk, we see two unusual sights, our new truck, and 3 chickens making it home.


  1. Sad to hear about Hawkeye ~ was wondering about her ~ Like your truck!!! Talk to you Thursday ~ Jere is off tomorrow and Meg is graduating 4th grade!!! Happy Wednesday!!! Love you!!!

  2. sorry about your chickens. that is sad. the ones you have left look very cute on top of your truck. they probably think you got it for them.

  3. lol
    they probably do.
    if you look closely, you can see that their back feathers are slightly black because they've been looking around UNDER the truck too - and getting greasy. =)

  4. I love your girls.... they are so pretty! How funny they want to roost on the new truck. They must think that you bought it for them. Beth they are so pretty!

  5. Hey Beth! Can we make the chicken blog more like this. This blog is pretty. Can we make chicken blog pretty too.....:? Centered and easy to read?


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