Saturday, July 11, 2009

best laid plans and separately, dreams

Today, i was going to have the first chance i've had all week to get some real work done around here. I was actually looking forward to cleaning the floors!

Well, i woke up with sort of a head cold, but mostly just extreme exhaustion - the kind that lets you know your body is working on something, and it won't let you wake up. I finally managed to get myself up barely in time to make lunch for my husband and make the kitchen sort of presentable. He went back to work, and i went back to sleep.

Even when i've been awake, it has been sort of zombie-like. I've felt just awful. Well, my husband went to the store and got my all kinds of goodies like fruit and yogurt and juice salad, and i ate some of that good stuff and started feeling a lot better.

Around ten or so, i got up and started cleaning the kitchen, which looks pretty good now. It's 1:20 a.m. now, and i just got out of the shower. I'm all ready to go, but my husband is asleep, and vacuuming seems inappropriate. hmmmh

So i'm blogging to you.

I will also share a picture or two. There is a small piece of property adjoining ours that - if the Lord wills and provides - we may have the opportunity to acquire. Yesterday, we took a little hike on it. It's a small piece of nearly untouched forest with a very deep gully/creek running through it. The land over there is just so beautiful! And i'm a real sucker for a creek bed. And this one is like the big mama creek bed!

James took this picture of me. I was in the dry creek bed, and he was standing up on the bank. It's very steep. Isn't it cool! Oh, and i'm carrying my pvc staff.

I took this picture of James. We were trying to demonstrate how big these tree trunks are! Very old trees. So awesome!

This little patch of undisturbed forest was so amazing! We were a couple hundred feet from a highway in east Texas, but it felt like we were buried miles in the woods in someplace much more tropical. It's too bad pictures really can't explain it.


  1. that is so cool. I hope you guys get to buy it.

  2. Very beauteus!!! Are you feeling better now??? How's the floor and kitchen??? love you!!

  3. beautiful ferns in that first pic. I bet it feels like a hidden spot.

  4. OMG how pretty! I hope you are better now..... did you ever get sicker or was that the extent of it? I have had the lethargic 24 hour bug before... I am very healthy other than my weight, and so I thought maybe it was a sickness that never got to "get me" ...just the outskirts.. Are you better?

    These kind of photos make me want to pack up a lunch and go sit in the woods. I hope you get it. NICE


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