Friday, August 21, 2009

today and yesterday and other days and years and stuff

Yesterday was my dear mother's birthday. I wasn't feeling as prolific, so she didn't get the then normal holiday honorary blog. I will just say that my affectionate feelings for my mother are deep waters that can't always be expressed, and i am very happy she was born and continues to live.

This year (yesterday) when i called my mother to say Happy Birthday, i was especially conscious of the great blessing that she is because i was also in the presence of my little neighbor friend who lost his mother shortly after he turned only six years old. More than 2 1/2 years later, he still sometimes becomes sad, and when you ask him what's wrong, he says, "oh i was just missing my mom...." I'm pretty sure i would be too.

A good and loving (and living) mother is a bundle of very great blessings (and rare these days), and i consider myself to be blessed abundantly, and without proper expression, in that regard.


Yesterday is also the 5 year anniversary of our (mine and James') last significant house fire. Dates like that tend to stick in one's head better than most things. I wish the good dates stuck better than the sad dates, but then again, sometimes the sad dates are really the dates of new beginnings and new strengths and new triumphs. If you can remember them that way, it's better.....and probably more beneficial. I remember on that day that i somehow felt bad that we had something bad happen on Mom's birthday. It's not like we planned it, but i still felt bad that she was having to feel bad for me (1000 or something miles away and able to do nothing about it) instead of celebrating.


Also, this month it has become time to look into renewing our homeowner's insurance. The time passed by so fast! I've still been saying that "we just moved here," but we've been here almost a year now. We've been homeowners for almost a year, and that is very exciting. We hold out hope for us and everyone else in our vicinity that we will also celebrate a whole year without a major hurricane. How would that be?



  1. that would be awesome!!!! Love the picture of your mom!!! 5 years since the house fire??? WOW!! New beginnings for sure!!! Love you!!!

  2. I didn't know about your house fire, Beth. I'm so sorry!!! That would be awful.

  3. Oh no, no need to be sorry. That was actually fire #2. You can read about some of the fire business starting in the archives in February of '06. I'm kind of long-winded, but if you have time and you're interested, it's all there. But it was all God's grace, and i don't really even look back on it as a time of pain - just growth.


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