Friday, September 11, 2009

Good reasons for blogging

I haven't blogged in a while. After the great excitement of finally having a chicken grow old enough to lay eggs, said beautiful chicken was abducted by some wild predator and made to be a short and unkind dinner.

The finality of that sort of thing, specifically after all the grand trouble we had trying to keep our six chickens alive and healthy (and our ignorance and ill-preparation causing much of the problem), the final defeat of it made me sad. I suppose it didn't make me sad, exactly. But i was, nonetheless, sad in response to this defeat.

I don't like to write so much when i'm sad. I guess i'm just not a share-your-sadness-with-the-world kind of person, or maybe i'm too prideful to let you know i'm sad until it's over. I don't apologize for being sad, really. I think acknowledgement of loss and a time of sadness is appropriate and healthy. I just don't really want to write home about it (or anywhere else).

Today, i am happy.

Today, after weeks of sadness and a bit of moping, i have arrived home, by the grace of God's blessings and love, with 21 new 9-day-old chicks and a 4 month old German Shepherd mix puppy named Jelly.

Here's a little video of the new chicks in their temporary brooder (the tool box from our truck and some window screen over scrap wood). They sure are noisy! I have 9 Buff Orpingtons, 6 Rhode Island Reds, and 6 Barred Rocks.

This weekend we are expecting the hatching of two Rhode Island Red boys (possibly)by favor of her loveliness, the chicken lady, Eva, who will be added to our flock (the chickens, not Eva).

Also, in our travels today, we acquired Jelly.

Jelly had some car sickness during our travels (on me of course) and then immediately got into fire ants when we got home. But now Jelly and i have both had baths, Jelly has been introduced peacefully to Stanley (who's VERY suspicious) and to the chicks (which will take some more work), and she has successfully learned to sit, stay, and not jump on people, in the first hour and half of being here. We're very pleased. She is mild-mannered and smart, and we think she will be the perfect dog for us.

Her name is Jelly because she's really sweet.

This concludes our rejoicing for today. On the one year anniversary of our purchase of our home, it is full of noises and life again, and i am happy.


  1. THEY ARE WONDERFUL and have so much more space.. I really like Jelly too! What a great weekend!

  2. Very excited for you and Jme!!!! Jelly looks very sweet indeed!!!

    I think its great that Jelly and the chicks will grow up together ~ that way Jelly will be more protective of them!!! And chase terrible critters away in the middle of the night ~ get 'em Jelly!!!

  3. HEY.... how come you do not have a link to our chicken chat on your blog lists???????


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