Saturday, October 17, 2009

How chickens, once again, reveal the meaning of life

or not

Today, my husband and i painted the inside of our chicken coop together. This is a level of marital that we have not attempted in a very long time. Turns out, we were fine. We had fun.

If you're married, you may have learned the hard way when there were certain things that you and your dear loved one weren't quite ready to endure each other through. Sometimes, we have to work extra hard to learn to work together.

Mostly, James and i have learned to let the other shine in his or her own area.

But today, we painted TOGETHER, and it was nice.

Now, there's a certain freedom in painting the inside of a chicken coop. No one's going to notice if i really glob it on (o.k. once he did, but i retorted with a 'do you have a problem with that,' and everything was o.k.). If i didn't paint with the grain, no one's going to notice. Basically the point is to simply cover the wood with paint so that the chickens can subsequently poop on everything that can get above for more that 5 seconds. So, we're not giving any tours of our paint job or anything.

Anyway, i mused while i painted and thought i would share.

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