Thursday, October 22, 2009


The last few months, my life has been pretty much consumed by chickens.

Sounds strange, i know, but we have goals and whatnot. And we've figured out that we have to focus on one goal at a time, or we have nothing but goals--and no accomplishments.

Our new chicks (26 of them) have been in our wonderful outdoor brooder for several weeks now.
But chickens grow quickly. They probably double in size every week for the first several weeks, and then they slow down a little, but not much. So we knew they were going to get crowded pretty soon.

So we've been putting every extra dime into finishing the coop....actually, the most immediate goal was to finish the inside of the coop to make it suitable for chickens to live. Then we can deal with the outside of the coop later.

Yesterday, we put chickens in the coop! Oh what grand relief!

In the process, i burned a chemical burn hole in my finger, cut off the center of the fingerprint on my thumb with a pair of scissors (which looks small but bleeds a LOT), mashed another finger with a hammer ('cause i'm not really very good at using hammers), and somehow managed to immobilize myself for almost a whole day - but i have no recollection of any incident which could have caused this injury (to my ankle).

So, last night, since i clearly have no business near a construction site, James worked until after dark to get the coop finished and get the chicks moved. I'm so relieved! I don't remember what i did before i spent every waking moment trying to help the coop.

And the chickens are very happy...or i assume they are. They must be, right? Their space has just been quadrupled, and they can move far enough away from each other to actually SEE each other. HAHA! It wasn't really that bad, i promise.

Anyway, i said all that to say, you can go look at the coop details (if that sort of thing interests you) here.

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