Monday, November 23, 2009

Come on! Gimme chance!

During one week this summer i had a great time volunteering at my church's day camp - similar to vacation bible school.

Every day, the camp staff would nominate a helpful and well-behaved camper boy and girl to be the 'Campers of the Day.' Then at the end of the day, those campers would be honored with a gift and the privilege of carrying the 'camper-of-the-day flag' the next day, which came with certain privileges.

One beautiful little girl who has autism wanted desperately to be the camper of the day. And every day, she fully expected to be named as the camper of the day.

And when she wasn't, she would get out of her seat, walk up to the camp director at the podium and plead, often with tears, "Come on! Gimme chance!"

This beautiful little girl has come back to my mind over and over. 'Cause some days i feel just like that. I've done all i can do, man. Just gimme a chance! And then i think of her, and i am blessed, and she makes me smile. And i am thankful that even when i don't feel like i measure up, the Lord sees my heart, and He thinks i'm special, and He lets me carry the flag anyway. =D


What do you think about that?