Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas and true friendship

Warning: this one is going to be sappy. ;)

I'm sitting here at 5:55 on Christmas Eve morning. Pumpkin pie is finishing up in the oven, and dough for rolls is rising. These are my Christmas Eve gathering responsibilities this year. I wouldn't have needed to be up so early today (4 a.m.) if i weren't doing both of these the second time. Thank God i started yesterday! As it turns out, pumpkin pie filling tastes really bad withOUT sugar. And bread really will not rise if the yeast is no good. I thought it seemed awfully hard when i was kneading it. Oh well.

But as i sit year, finishing a very early breakfast, amazed that i'm not that tired, and everything is sort of almost done, i am remembering why we're celebrating.

This year, i am impressed with a particular aspect of God's love. God originally created mankind - well, basically because He wanted to have friends. And He was such a good friend that in His infinite power, He chose to give those potential friends free will. And when they foolishly chose to sin - keeping them from their cherished fellowship with God, He made a new way for them to be friends anyway.

God created me, and Jesus died for me, and the Holy Spirit lives in me, because the Almighty really really really wants to be MY friend...and yours...and everyone's.

That cuts me to the core.

I'm not always a very good friend to God. But He is always - and has always been - a very good friend to me.

I'm blinded by tears now, and i have to go check on my pumpkin pie. I would hate to have to go for a third try. ;)

Happy Christmas Eve, my friends! While you're celebrating with friends and family, please don't forget about the most important friendship of all.

Much love!!


  1. Amen my friend!! Like your new layout!!

    Merry Christmas!! How was the pumpkin pie with sugar??

  2. Thanks. I love you too. =D

    The re-done pumpkin pie was like goin' home to see my mama. <3


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