Sunday, January 3, 2010

Come on, Monday!

Ah Sunday night.

One of my favorite times of the week.

I know that the working world is saying, "Sunday night already?"

But i am saying, "Come Monday; i'm ready."

See, on the weekend, my loving husband, whom i cherish, love, and adore, is here, at home, pretty much all the time. And if he leaves, i pretty much go with him. And while i very much enjoy his company (thus i married him), and i delight in his presence, i really appreciate Mondays.

On Monday, i'm on my schedule again.

I can do what i think should be done when i think it should be done the way i think it should be done.

And then i will be fresh and lovely and happy to see my husband when he returns home in the evening.

As opposed to right now, at which time i am sort of ragged and sleepy and weary of the sounds of multiple Sunday football games and ... happy that tomorrow is Monday.

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  1. Thanks for having my loving man over to yell at the TV yesterday!!! He really loved it!!! I really like your new blog!!! Its very Bethy!!! I love you'!!!


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