Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Today was a lovely day.

DeAnna is a dear friend, whom i admire, and with whom i have the privilege of sharing family since she and i happen to be married to brothers.

DeAnna and her dear children have been on the hunt for some excellent walking sticks. for some wonderful imaginative project they have in mind.  Today DeAnna and young Abel came to my house to continue their search.  We ended up doing a lot of exploring and chicken loving too.

Abel made a wonderful chocolate cake, which they shared with us; i received jugs of much needed water and wonderful presents in my favorite colors, along with a lovely wonderful day.

Here are some pictures of our day.

Chicken photo shoot.

From visit with deanna and abel jan 27 2010

From visit with deanna and abel jan 27 2010

From visit with deanna and abel jan 27 2010

And then showing Abel the awesome bottom of the roots of a downed tree.

From visit with deanna and abel jan 27 2010

Here are some of DeAnna's beautiful capturings of the day.

too much scrumptiousness!

This is the chicken who has been laying eggs on the ledge.

She's squawking because i keep trying to get her to NOT lay her eggs from here.

Because this is what happens (i took this one).

So that was most of my day.  Incidentally, we found some wonderful walking stick material that somehow didn't make it to the pictures.  Sycamore trees are awesome.


  1. Wow! I'm in pictures ;) this is odd for me as we all well know. We loved our day too :) (And funny how those sticks never made it into the pics...stick pics coming soon ;)


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