Monday, January 4, 2010

free stuff, cheap stuff, new life stuff

Monday was as wonderful as i had hoped.

And then this afternoon, the mail came, and it got even better.

I got an envelope from the Arbor Day Foundation offering to give me ELEVEN free...did you hear me? i said FREE...flowering trees for taking a survey and sending a donation of $10.

Ten dollars!

And if i'm one of the first 50 to respond, i get free coffee for a year! How cool would that be?

I know i sound like a totally gullible something, but this made me very excited. The envelope and my donation is already in the mailbox.

Now, i realize and have confirmed that my eleven free trees will be in the form of eight inch sticks with roots a.k.a., "in their dormant stage." But how awesome is that!

We're in the mode of replacing and rearranging trees on our property so that we can have privacy and a garden. And now that we learned that one of the neighbors has plans to clear a lot next to us, we really need to get on that privacy part of the plan. How could eleven free trees possibly hurt?

Oh yeah, and they sent me my personalized return address label stickers. So awesome. I got my first ones right before Christmas from someone else ( i don't remember whom ). It was just in time for Christmas cards. I think that's the sign that you officially live somewhere - when you start getting junk mail with free return address label stickers - isn't it?

Anyway, i dig free stuff, cheap stuff, and new life stuff, so i'm way jazzed.

Speaking of new life stuff, my friend Kate, whom i have not yet met, but feels like a friend to me anyway, delivered a beautiful baby boy today. Congratulations, Kate! I'm so happy for you! January 4, 2010, is the first day of the next, greatest, most wonderful part of your life. Enjoy every moment to the fullest!


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