Friday, January 8, 2010

The Future Greatest Chicken Dog in the World


I am strongly against deep cold in the deep south.

Anything below 20 degrees is nothing short of abusive for a Texan.

Thankfully, the Lord has designed that these sorts of torturous temperatures are to be endured here only once every 15 years or so - maybe longer. And i am truly THANKFUL.

However, a nice warm-fuzzy has resulted from this harsh coldness.

Jelly, my normally outside-loving dog, has been spending a lot more time than normal inside with me.
From jelly jan 2010

Here she is trying to sleep on my kitchen rug. I say trying because she looked so sweet and warm, and i was going to get down on the floor to take a nice sweet close-up, but i made a noise and woke her up.

I'm not a dog person - never really have been. But Jelly steals my heart. And now that she's growing up a little, and i'm getting a little better at communicating with her, i'm enjoying her more and more.

So here's to Jelly, the future Greatest Chicken Dog in the World.

P.S. When i realized that a large percentage of my desired readers are part of churches that are fasting right now, i decided to lay off the food posts 'til the end of the month when they can be appreciated with more gusto. You're welcome.

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