Tuesday, January 26, 2010

updates and previews and rambling

I was so sleepy last night that i didn't post.  If you were hanging on to wakefulness waiting for the post that never appeared, i apologize.  Haha!

This morning, i am hoping for a productive day, so i will just give you some previews and updates or something.

  • Chicken laid another egg yesterday, in the exact same wrong spot.  We're going to work on that today.
  • My neighbors continue to cut down their trees - that's more of a backwards preview than an update.
  • My water situation might be on the verge of a breakthrough.  But still, no running water at this moment.
  • So no baking right now.  That raisin bread post the other day, was a couple weeks old.  I was having mercy on those who were fasting.  But for now, it seems any substantial baking would just further complicate the waterless situation.
So off i go to eat breakfast, wash dishes in small amounts of water, drag the post fall brush to the fire pile, and stalk possible egg-laying chickens.



  1. how did the chicken do today??? egg in right place or not??

    happy about your water situation!!!

    love you!!!

  2. nope, she waited until i left, and then laid it in the same place she has been.

    i put her egg in the nest box (in case it has a scent or something), and i'll show it to her tonight and hope for better.


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