Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Marching for Life

The Call-Houston was a good experience.  I love large gatherings of like-minded Christians.  It feels like a little bit of Heaven to me.

Here i am with my cohorts - or the particular cohorts i rode with (i guess everyone there was technically my cohort; i just didn't know them or ride with them).  I'm the one in red.  Hahahahaha!

Here's a cool picture of the marchers.

I think the whole thing turned out a little bit different than expected for everyone.  Apparently, the organizers of this event were not expecting the huge turn-out that arrived.  I don't know what number they expected, and i don't know what number turned out, but i have some numbers that will help give an idea.

First, the city of Houston would allow only 3000 marchers at one time.  I know we had two phases of marchers, but i think we actually had three.  I was in the last phase.  In addition, there were 600 people lining the freeway, wearing LIFE tape over their mouths, and there was some other large number of people someplace else praying for the march.  Based on that and that fact that i was there, looking at people, my absolute minimum estimate of participants is 6000.  My guess is 7000-8000.  But like i said, i don't have any good stats to back that up for sure.

The important thing is that we were there.   I strongly believe that what we do in the spirit makes a much bigger difference than what we do in the physical.  The physical should follow up the spiritual.

I would like to explain the spirit and goals of the Bound4Life Pro-life/The Call movement, because i think that some might have the wrong idea.

What it isn't:

  • it ISN'T about condemning people who have had abortions
  • it ISN'T about punishing abortion doctors
  • it ISN'T about making enemies of those who disagree
What it is:
  • it IS about LOVE, love for all people, everywhere, including fetuses.  Abortion is bad for the mothers as well as their unborn children.  While there are many who may truly believe they are doing the "right" thing by supporting abortion we believe that they are ultimately hurting women and ending lives for whom God had great purpose. 
  • it IS about LIFE.  We believe that everyone has a right to LIFE, and no one should decide for another person whether they should live.
  • it IS about REPENTANCE.  The predominating prayer is, "Jesus, we plead Your blood over our sins and the sins of our nation.  God please end abortion and send revival to America."  And yes, we believe abortion is sin, but Jesus paid the price for ALL of man's sins because He loves us.
  • it IS about supporting and encouraging ADOPTION.  Thousands of babies are aborted every year, while thousands of couples wait in long lines for the chance to adopt babies.  This is an easy fix.
  • it IS about PRAYER.  We know and believe that real change happens only when people's hearts change, and the only One who can change people's hearts is God.

The spirit at this event was great.  The attitudes of the people reflected all of the things i mentioned above.  It was a wonderful and refreshing gathering, completely free of violence, hateful words, and degrading attitudes toward anyone.

Here are a few more great pictures.

This is Max, sporting the life-tape on his pacifier.  This little darling seemed to know what was going on.  He didn't utter a peep until we were on our way home.

These are some people i don't know, but this is a great picture.  The one the left is German, the middle one is Spanish, but i don't know what language the one on the right is.

This is the building scheduled to open as the new Planned Parenthood Giganto death building (my phrase, not theirs).  There was a press conference there in the afternoon, but i don't have pictures of that part.

That's what it's all about.

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  1. this is beautiful beth. your heart warms my soul.


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