Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ponderings, Probabilities, Baby Powder, and Promises Kept

Sometimes when i sit down to write a post, i have no idea what to say. Today is one of those days. There are things going on in my life and in my mind that aren't quite ready to write about. So i want to continue to ponder before i spew lifeless words onto the cyber-page.

There is possibly progress with the well that WON'T cost us thousands of dollars. Further research and consultation has revealed that we might have alternatives to actually drilling a new well. In fact, we PROBABLY have alternatives. So that's good. 'Cause Bethy really needs a shower.

Yesterday, i had to swallow my pride, douse myself in baby powder, and go to church with greasy hair. No one let on if they noticed that i smelled like a LOT of baby powder veiling something else very unpleasant. I sat far away from other people in the congregation so they wouldn't have too much time to catch my scent.

I was actually not intending to go - with the whole lack of shower situation - but a certain small friend of mine adamantly reminded me that i had promised (actually i just said we would) we would go to church this week. Last week we missed because i was getting over illness, and the weeks before that, there was no Wednesday service.

So, i decided that i could not allow pride to deny a begging child his desire to go to church. Not to mention the value of acts of faithfulness to a child.


  1. very excited about the other possibilies as opposed to well digging!!! Thank You Jesus!!! At some point in the near future, after the well situation has been resolved, Rachel and I NEED a visit with Aunt Bethy!!!!!

    I miss you my sister!!! Love you!!!


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