Friday, January 29, 2010

Rain in Abundance

Last night, when i would normally write, my head was empty, and my eyes were sleepy, so i went to bed.

Here i am now at 6 am-ish, ready to go.

The most recent cold front is upon us since very early this morning, which means lots of pounding rain!  Later, "they" say it will be the great coldness, but for now, it's pounding rain.

Do you know what that means for this pioneer girl?  That's right.  It means that the first thing i did at 5-something this morning, after kissing my hard-working pioneer man goodbye, was to grab a bucket out from under the roof's dripping edge and use all that glorious rain water to FLUSH THE TOILET.  AAahhhhh.  It's the little things that make life a little better smelling more lovely.  Since it takes 3 gallons or so to flush the toilet once, and we're still hauling water in jugs from other locations, the toilet gets flushed sometimes.  I have to say that's the only really unpleasant part about not having water.  We don't have an outhouse, and you can't really keep the door to the bathroom shut quite tightly enough.  But then the rain came, and so the toilet gets an early morning flush to make the whole day a little more pleasant.

Was that too much information?  Sorry.  It's early, and i'm feeling a little .... plucky.

Today, Lord willing and if the creek continues to rise, i will enjoy the abundance of water by giving the chicken waterer a good scrub in the stream that is most assuredly flowing fast even now; i will delightedly flush the toilet 2 or 3 more times while the water's still streaming; i will wash all the dishes i can find in hot boiled rain water; and if i feel really overachieving, i might baking something.  I haven't baked anything since we've had this water shortage because of the extra dishes baking produces.  But i might have to today.

In other news:

  • "They" say that it won't be so rainy tomorrow, and the pioneer hubby has tomorrow off, so we are hoping for well repair progress.

  • I got two eggs from my beautiful chickens yesterday, and neither chicken laid her egg from a dangerous precipice.  You can read in detail about that adventure over here.  But suffice it to say, i'm very proud and delighted.  Today, i may take advantage of the rainy day and leave my ladies inside to see if anyone else has been laying their eggs outside of the coop somewhere.  
Have a wonderful day, my friends!

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  1. How exciting! Rain water...... God give James wisdom and energy and grace to deal with this THIS weekend... Father I pray for the right weather for well repairing and the right peeps involved... and GRACE.

    I love my Beth!


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