Friday, January 29, 2010

Sweet Jelly Pie

I may have said before that we are not what anyone would call "dog people."  We originally brought our Jelly home to live with us for a very practical reason:  we realized that our chickens would be safer if there were a barking dog around to scare off the woodland critters.

But alas, we have fallen in love with our Jelly.  How could you not, really?  Look at her!!

The point of my reiteration that we are not dog people is to make excuse (general ignorance) for the fact that we failed to get her the customary female mutt surgery before she up and matured and got pregnant.  And pregnant she is!

I have mixed feelings.  I love my dog, and i know that she is way too young (ten months) to be a mama, so i'm sorry that we didn't get the surgery done, and i'm concerned about her health.  At the same time, i have never observed a whelping (that's the vocab word i just learned for the birth of puppies), and i would like to.  I think it must be a wonderful experience.

My Jelly is normally a very energetic playful girl, but today, roughly 5 weeks into her 9 week gestation, she must be feeling awful.  I do not remember hearing her whine since the first day we got her.  Today, she sat in the yard and whined at me - loud.  It sounded like dog for "why do i feel so miserable?!"  Poor thing.  I'm pretty sure she doesn't actually know why she feels like this.  Tonight she's very low key, and we brought her in the house to hopefully help her rest better.  Normally she really seems to prefer to stay outside, but it's supposed to be cold tonight, and she's just so pathetic that i can't leave her out there.

I'm going to pray for my Jelly now - and see if she'd like a belly rub.  I don't think she's supposed to be this miserable yet - and she has a month left to go!


  1. OMG Beth OMG......... Her first heat and walla..... Dad gummit

  2. well, at least you will have some really cute puppies...... soon...

    They may have several fathers..... O well, life is short and everyone needs to witness puppies being born.... it is awesome...

  3. wow!! Sweet jelly pie looks so pretty in that picture!!

  4. Oh my goodness! That's crazy!!! I'm sure she'll have beautiful puppies! Have fun with that! :-)

  5. Sweet puppy! She may not know exactly what to do at the birth. Are you ready to be a widwife? :)

  6. I don't know that i'm READY. I've been reading; does that count? Do you have tips?

  7. I have a prepared to be grossed out. We did this with CoCo, thinking the experience would be very educational and blah, blah, blah...I still carry those scars ;)


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