Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"What's thatchya say?"

Last week, my husband and i had a cold.

Sometimes, i think the worst part of the cold is the aftermath - the part where your body is getting rid of the after-i-had-a-cold-crud, and you start doing weird things like coughing until your eyes pop out or getting weird headaches that stay for days or whatever.

On Sunday, i think it was, my hubby got his after-i-had-a-cold-crud : a deaf ear. Nice. Something has settled in an inconvenient place, and he is nearly deaf in one ear.

Yesterday, i set in with a cough that put me to bed for nearly two days. But yesterday it made me sort of hoarse. Not so much in the way that it took away my voice - but more in the way that it made me want to talk a certain low-talking sort of way so as not to interrupt the temporary non-coughing balance of my coughing area, wherever that is.

I'm not exactly a loud-talker to begin with - or so it seems. I've even been accused of mumbling by the not-quite-hearing-impaired elders in my life.

But yesterday at my house must've been funny. Me, keeping my voice down below normal levels - and my husband, not hearing a word. In order to communicate, i have to go up to him and let him know i'm talking so he can turn his 'good ear' in my direction. Hilarious. Even then, it might've been mostly lip-reading. I'm talking at a normal volume today (in between rib-cage pained fits of coughing), and he has gotten better at listening with his 'good ear,' so we're getting along a little better.

And yes, if you're worrying now, instead of laughing (which was the point of this post), the hubby is going to the doctor first of next week if his hearing doesn't clear up by then.

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  1. I was laughing and worrying.....

    I am so glad you both are on the road to recovery, and I am thankful that you cancelled our fun day ---- or 7 other people would be getting sick and not talking and being deaf and have hurting rib cages and then each of their family members and so on and so on....

    I love you Beth..

    Father God LIFE and LIFE more abundantly.... Please HEAL my sisiter and my brother.... from the top of their heads to the bottoms of their feet....


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