Thursday, January 7, 2010


Now and then i've heard one person or another mention having eaten buttermilk pie during the holidays. I think mine and my husband's response has been similar...something like, "EWWW!"

The name Buttermilk Pie - simply doesn't sound good, like fish yogurt or moldy cheese ice cream, it just seems wrong.

BUT i've been very curious. People say it's really good. And i have some buttermilk leftover from my holiday baking (i don't know how long it takes buttermilk to actually spoil, but i don't want to wait around to find out), along with leftover pie crust dough, so i thought i'd give it a shot.

I found this recipe on I love that site!

Reportedly, this recipe came from a 94 year-old lady in Arkansas who had made a whole lot of buttermilk pie - so i'm assuming this is THE stuff.

I made the extremely simple recipe exactly as - or with the exact ingredients - described in the recipe. I almost never mix them in the same order anyone tells me to. And i was going to let it cool all the way down as one of the reviewers suggested, but i was curious. So i used a fork to get a tiny sample of the cooked filling from the middle of the pie. YummY! Two pieces later, i covered it and put it the fridge.

I definitely want to make that again. Good stuff. Only, i'm going to call it Sweet Custard Pie. I don't think my darling can bring himself to take a bite of something called Buttermilk Pie, no matter how good i tell him it is. Sweet Custard might have a chance.

It's way cold here in the Lone Star State - and the weather prophets with the fancy computers promise it will get much colder in the next 24 hours, so i have big plans to stay inside, near the oven, and bake bake bake. O.k., that might end up just being, 'bake,' but we'll see. I'll letcha know. I have a hankering for my mama's cinnamon bread, and i'm waiting for her to email me with the winning recipe. The store-bought stuff just doesn't compare.


  1. I'd have to agree that buttermilk pie would not go in this house ~ sweet custard pie might ~ glad you gave it a shot and liked it!!! what did jme think??


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