Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Blessings in DaSkies

I have to tell you about the blessing God has brought about through the neighbors' cutting down all their trees.  First, "all" is an exaggeration, thankfully.
The worst of it looks like this.

It looks pretty much like that across the street from us and on the property diagonal from us that used to do a better job of making a barrier between us and the highway.

But here, let me tell you the blessing part.

We really want to be gardeners.  One of the obstacles we face in our pursuit of gardening has been the immense amount of wonderful shade that covers pretty much our entire property all the time.  In order to remedy this situation, we were anticipating having to cut down this stand of trees at the corner of our property.

It seemed to us the most benefit for the smallest number of trees.  But it pained us horribly.  We would look at them and just moan at the thought of having to cut them down.

But now, since so many of the neighborhood's towering pine trees have been removed from the sky, we have a lot more sun exposure than we did before.  And we think that we might not have to cut down our own. 


In the interest of more follow-up, here are some pictures i've taken recently that relate to some of my posts from the last little while.  I was too lazy to post the pictures with the appropriate posts at the time.

This is what it looks like when they "blow out" the well.  I had no idea.  It turns out that they stick that hose in the place where your well pump would normally be, and they use the hose to blow lots of air down there, and that somehow (i'm obviously no physics genius) makes water come out of the horizontal pipey piece you see there.  Who'dathunkit.

Here are more of the lovely eggs i'm so proud of.  I'm getting four per day now.

And here is one of the lovely ladies laying them.

Isn't she beautiful!

And lastly, here are some wonderful cozy pictures of Jelly and Stanley acting like they don't hate each other, being calm and sweet and loveable.  I can't get enough.

Oh, and this one is Jelly's big pregnant belly.  Sweet darling.

That's it for coziness from my house.  I would show you a cute picture of my sweet man sleeping on the couch, but later he would be unhappy that i showed you that, no matter how cute i think he is when he sleeps, so i'll restrain myself.

G'night, Loves!


  1. i love it all!! 4 eggs a day is awesome!!! jelly looks so great!!

  2. I love the second pic of Jelly and CAT.... they are so funny,,,,

    all four eggs look the same.... do you know who laid them?

  3. who is tarnation would give such an awesome afgan to aminals?


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