Sunday, February 21, 2010

boredom and perspectives on embarrassing laundry

What happened to pictures from babypalooza?  I am waiting to find out.  I didn't really take any.  Correction:  i definitely didn't take any.  Sometimes it's silly for me to take pictures when the great photographic eye of DeAnna is present....and also, i was spending a lot of time in the kitchen.  When i was done being in the kitchen, i was too tired to think about taking pictures.  So there you go.  I have no doubt that there are some great ones though.  7 or 8 hours of puppy adoration cannot have happened without great pictures.

Oh, and let me tell you about the food.  My hungry man planned the menu.  And i (silly me) thought that meant that he was preparing the meal.  I was so wrong.  He ran the grill.  I did the rest, except for the part where the chip bowl ran out of chips, and he refilled it.  Here's the menu for 5 adults and 2 bird-stomached children:  Shishkabobs with shrimp, steak, mushrooms, and onions; steak; grilled asparagus; extra shrimp that was grilled in foil and eaten by only the men; 7 giant baked potatoes; sausage; baked beans; and corn on the cob.  Most of it is filling up my fridge.  And what a great score 'cause i don't think i'll have to cook again all week!  Oh yeah, there's also 4 pounds of pork ribs, which were prepared for an evening men-yelling-at-other-men-on-the-tv event scheduled to take place at someone else's house, but our men lost their gusto, and we still have the ribs.  Yay us!

I have been resting today.  Not so much because i'm tired but because i'm in pain.  For some reason i can't seem to pinpoint, my ankle started wailing at me as though it had been pounded on by something very unkind.  I promise, there was no pounding.  And frankly, pain wears me out.  So, i got up, lazed around, went to church, found some egg customers (in addition to the normal church things like worship, prayer, teaching, and so forth, of course), came home, and lazed some more.  Somehow, in the midst of all that hobbling, the chickens were fed, and one of the baby chicks got a bath, and the dog and cat remain un-abused.  The kitchen, however, is quite a nightmare.

Exciting, right?  I know.  Stimulating blog post.

Here i will tell you a little story.  I blog to you all the time in my head, but most of my stories never actually makes it to this page.  This one, i sort of remember.

I was sitting in the laundromat/washateria on Friday evening, watching my clothes go round and round in the dryer, when i noticed that i could recognize my underwear near the forefront of the twirling.  This was embarrassing to me.  I'm not sure why it's embarrassing to reveal to others that you wash your underwear, but apparently it is.  The other reason this was silly is that there was no one else in the room.

To console myself, i wondered if anyone besides me could tell that that was my underwear (in case they just happen to be staring at MY laundry instead of their own and analyzing what embarrassing clothing items might twirl within).  Maybe it's a wash rag or a sock or.....who knows?  Who can tell?

So i tested my consolation theory by staring deep into the dryer being used by some other washateria customer, and do you know what?  I couldn't tell what was twirling in their dryer.

Then i felt better.

Aren't you glad you read my blog today?


  1. yes i am...... You are cwazy sometimes and i love you

  2. Yes, I'm glad I go to read your blog and so glad i am able to get to it again.


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