Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Egg without a shell

Discoveries galore.  I love learning new stuff....stuff they never teach you in school....stuff you will probably learn only by seeing it yourself.  But in this case, i will share it with you.

First, lemme 'splain.  Eggs are a little bit like pearls (but much faster) in that they are formed in layers inside the chicken's body.  You've got your yolk, and then your white, and then your membrane, and then usually several layers of shell.  They have like a little paint factory in there that paints the egg in layers of color.  Sometimes, one of the sprayers gets clogged up, and the egg comes out speckled.  And sometimes, there will be little bumps of extra calcium on the outside of the shell.

Well, up until yesterday, i had been getting five eggs, mostly regular.  And i decided i wanted seven eggs.  And that's what i told the chickens.  I kept going back out to the coop looking for more eggs and telling the girls who followed me around as they do, "i'm looking for seven eggs today, girls!"

Well, it seemed to work....sort of.  Yesterday, i got six.  But today, i got seven.  Well, i got seven, but i think that my coaching might have been a little too much pressure.  The seventh egg came out without a shell.  I think she wasn't quite ready.

Here's the egg.

It was cool to push on.  That membrane (the one that's normally inside the shell) is pretty strong.

It looks like someone tried to taste it but didn't like it.  See the beak mark?

Here's the end that didn't finish the membrane coating.  Just a bunch of egg white hanging out.

Poor girl.  Tomorrow, i'll only ask for eight.


  1. how cool...... isn't it neat how it jiggled like jello

  2. That is absolutely fascinating. You really taught me something here!

    THANKS !

  3. You are a cruel mistress!

  4. wow...how crazy is that! and oh. made chicken today and thought of you :) (not that your a chicken...your not, a very brave woman indeed ;)...but ya know ;)


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