Monday, February 15, 2010

heart day

I didn't post anything on Valentine's Day, so this is my heart day post.

The manly man and i aren't particularly big heart day people.  I mean to say that we love each other deeply all year round, and Valentine's day doesn't get a lot of extra attention.

Birthdays and holidays are similar.  At Christmas, we mostly buy for everyone else - not so much for each other.  And on our birthdays and anniversary (which are three days in a row), we celebrate the most - basically by being together.  Sometimes we do something special.  In '09, we bought a house - decided that was going to get us through Christmas and few other things.  Some years, we spend an exorbitant amount of money on a nice dinner - or maybe just Denny's and a movie.

This year, we were in the saving-money-way at Valentine's time, so there were no big to-do's about the holiday. But i'll tell you what i told my husband.  A sincere loving conversation about how much we mean to each other means more to me than chocolate or roses or whatever.  And i was right.  It was.  The security and comfort of knowing my husband thinks as much of me as i do him - would be as lost without me as i would be without him - loves me more than anything and holds our marriage as a sacred bond - is truly priceless.

And then we had pork our house that we bought together......with puppies in the corner, chickens in the coop, and a noisy cat meowing by the food bowl.

It doesn't get THAT much better than this.  Well, it might, but this is pretty good!


  1. awe...........

    you two are perfect for each other!

  2. i like it too...

    i told you...

    we go to the grocery store and look at cards together during these man-made holidays - and say "here's one that says what I mean...." and "oh, look at this one.... this one reminds me of you..." etc. much cheaper and you can get lots and lots of cards, laughs and ....



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