Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'll be an over achiever tomorrow

Yesterday, James' friend, who is currently living as a single dad with three children, had a babysitter emergency and asked if his kids could stay with me today.

I said yes.

They start work at 6:00.

I woke up to crying puppies at 4:30.....and just stayed up.

I was feeling like an over achiever, so i decided to start a pot of beans and take pictures so i could blog to you about it, while watching 2 small children i've never met know, in case my knowledge of pinto beans can benefit you and because i clearly need more challenges in my life (i don't really mean that, God; i'm joking).

At some point, i lost my over achieving gusto, but i think i got enough pictures to make it a decent post.

But i don't think i'll be posting it tonight.  That would require uploading pictures and patience and thought and that sort of thing.

Anyway, back to the babysitting.

The three children are 6, 3, and 1 or so.  The six year old has been getting on the bus at my house for the last few days anyway, so that was no big deal.  The 3 and the 1 year old were fun and interesting, and in the afternoon, they inspired me to become sort of mean.  But we did o.k.  I'm told they took to me.

After work, the kids' dad, my burly man, and one other friend, decided to start a fire at my house (meaning in the yard, like a bonfire, not like to burn down something we need) and stick some sausages on the ends of sticks for their dinner instead of eating my beans.  I'm cool with that.

They're still out there, by the way.

I was out there with them - and the three kids - and Skyler, but Skyler went home, and then i got cold, and now i'm inside.

Anyway, the point of my telling you all this....

A few minutes ago, the 3 year-old girl came to the door (as she does about every 20 minutes or so) because she needed to go potty.

I opened the door (she can't get it open on her own) and asked her if she needed to go to the bathroom.  She nodded but didn't really talk....almost like she was hurt or something.  And when i told her to come on in, she just sort of stood there.

Then, after 30 seconds or so, as she was finally stepping inside the door, she explained very casually,

"i was peein' in my pants a little."

I called out in the darkness that she hadn't made it and sent her back to her daddy.

Then i came inside and had a good laugh.

That was a good one.

That's all i have for today.

Maybe i'll be an over achiever tomorrow.


  1. Hah!Just doing what you're doing is being an over achiever! You're a brave woman!

  2. Having the kids around sure does change the energy level, doesn't it? And being outside in the cold, by a bonfire, cooking meat...does it get any better than that?


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