Tuesday, February 16, 2010

light headed thoughts and random intentions

Well, i am writing to you, but i don't know what i'm going to say.

I have had several good little blogs in my head the past week or so that just haven't really manifested for publishing.

I guess this will be an update blog.

  • My burly man had two teeth pulled today, and it hurts a lot - but not quite as much as it did before they were pulled.  The dentist let me stay in the room only after i promised him i wouldn't pass out at the sight of blood or throw up on his floor (the trash can, no problem).  I always think of something smart (or ridiculous) to say after the fact.  So at some point after it was way too late to be funny, i imagined pulling out a really back woods accent with, "well, i ain't never passed out when i killed them chickens.  you think that's a good way to know?" but from the looks of the clientele in the waiting room, i wouldn't have been very shocking.

  • Jelly is successfully mothering her eight rolly polly puppies and all seem to be doing well - although she every once in a while seems to forget she has puppies...until i steal one to go cuddle on the couch.  Then she perks right up and looks really serious.  She tried to carry one away from me on her nose.  It was pretty funny.

  • I'm expecting a baby roosters on Friday or Saturday....hoping for a barred rock and buff orpington to add to my flock.  Otherwise, they will probably be dinner in 20 weeks or so.

  • Then, on Saturday, we're planning babypalooza with Burlyman's brother and family.  Eight puppies and a similar number of few day old chicks....it'll be like a petting zoo around here.  I wonder where i can get some goats.

  • One Eyed Jack, my rooster, was relocated to the national forest yesterday after Burlyman (this is apparently my new blog name for my husband; it could change at any moment) noticed that Jack was running off Rocky (our "chosen rooster") and didn't like it.

  • Today, i harvested TWELVE eggs from my beautiful chickens, and i'm ready to start selling farm fresh eggs to the community.

  • In the world of weather, i'm kind of done with freezing temperatures, but apparently the weather isn't.

  • In the world of recipes, i'm stewing on teaching those who wish to learn how to make the perfect pot of country boy beans.  I'm also taking requests if anyone has them.  I guess that means if you happen to want to know how to fix something that i happen to know how to fix, then we might make some magic happen.  So feel free to hit me with it.
And i guess that's it for now.  Busy day tomorrow.  Better get some sleep.


What do you think about that?