Wednesday, February 24, 2010

pictures pictures pictures

O.k.  i know you've been waiting for pictures of Babypalooza day.  I just got them, and i am in awe.  In fact, i am so in awe that i'm not showing you all of them right now.  And also, DeAnna, please know that if i am ever a famous blogger making lots of money for blathering on about myself, i will pay you a LOT of money if you will be my personal photographer.  Seriously.  I should probably let DeAnna put these in some more coherent order for you, but since she isn't yet on the payroll, i'll do it myself, and you'll be happy whatever order they arrive in.

Oh yeah, and then on Tuesday (yesterday) east Texas had a late February snow storm.



Anyway, here are some pictures of my snow-accented yard.

I also attempted to take this video for you before the snow actually started sticking.  The snow flakes were really big, and that's what i'm attempting (probably unsuccessfully) to zoom in on.  And then i uploaded it to youtube - which took forever - and now i can't find it, so i'm not going to show it to you right now.  It's not very exciting anyway.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.


  1. Boy, that outhouse is huge! A four seater at least. And lit! (KIDDING!!!!)

    Your pictures are beautiful. I really appreciate the lighting in particular of the eggs.

  2. LOL Kris!

    I'm not quite THAT country YET! =D

  3. speaking of fame...Pioneer Woman was on Good Morning America :) We can do it!! One "loving photographed self story" at a time! ;)

  4. i know. four million hits a month. crazy. i don't know if i could handle that sort of audience. i could probably enjoy more than 9 though. haha!


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