Friday, February 26, 2010

potty party

Do you remember back in January or so when we were without water for like a year or something?  I think it was three weeks, but sometimes a year can fit in three weeks, ok?

Well, i remember the moment the water mysteriously stopped coming in our house because i was, at that moment, in the midst of using a pitcher to get water from the bathtub faucet to pour in the back of my toilet.  Our poor commode had all but stopped filling up at all.  Every once in a while, it would give a little extra effort and fool us, but for the most part, it wasn't really working.

Then we got our water back, remember?  OH HAPPY DAY!

It turns out that when the well gets fixed (get your pencils out; you might need to know this) the toilet does not mysteriously fix itself just to be cooperative.

My husband thought it was fixed momentarily.  He had given something in there a jiggle, which inspired the mechanics in there to work, but then i made the horrifying mistake of putting the lid back on the back of the toilet, and it never worked again.  I have no idea how those are related, but that's my story, and i'm sticking to it.

Since then, we have been filling up the toilet from the bathtub with our trusty pitcher that waits there for us.  Our toilet doesn't get a LOT of use, so it's not a big deal, right?  It's a little embarrassing when we have company, but we usually let only those people who love us in spite of our faults - use our non-working toilet.  So it's o.k.  People who have unkind opinions of us don't usually ask to use the restroom.  Everything works out.

I guess, in other circumstances, i might have purchased a book that would tell me how to fix the toilet, but .... I have a hand dandy jack-of-all-trades husband, who already knows how.  Therefore, i leave nasty plumbing chores to him whenever possible.

Why am i blathering on about a broken toilet?

OH, i'll tell you.

The day before yesterday, my husband made an unprecedented announcement:  he declared, "Tomorrow is toilet fixing day."

"REally?"  my heart danced a little.

Then yesterday, true to his word, my husband fixed the toilet.

Do you know what it does now?

You'll never guess.

It flushes.

All you have to do is push that little silver lever/button thingy, and it just works!  And when you're done, you can do it again without the aid of the bathtub or the trusty pitcher.  Poor pitcher - he's out of work now.

I'm giddy.  I get all excited when i have to "go" now because i'll get to use the button.  And it works every time!

Anyone want to come over and use my bathroom?

P.S.  There are rumors of plans for the repair of the leaky bathroom sink plumbing this weekend.  When we get that taken care of, i might just have a party IN the bathroom!  You're all invited!

I'm never especially stressed out by these small inconveniences, but i sure do get happy when they're fixed!


  1. Okay, so I am new-ish around here, and I may not know some very important details, such as the presence of half-moon festooned out buildings, but still I have to ask: Why doesn't the toilet get used much? Do you have spares? Liquid diet? Chamber pot?

  2. LOL-ing a lot!

    No, i just meant that it's just me here during the day, and we don't have a big family (most of the time) trying to use the potty. No alternates. Lol-ing still....

    chamber pot..... wahhahahaha!!

  3. Beth I love how you roll w/ the ups and downs of a simple life, and truly rejoicing in the really important things, like flushing toilets! lol
    Having lived in places where not all toilets flush (or even have plumbing) I can appreciate the sentiment!

    Poor pitcher, you may just have to use it for a vase or something so he'll still have a job! :D


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