Monday, February 1, 2010

Precursor to a Real Blog Post

I have been delinquent, i know.  But it was the weekend, and i was having fun and whatnot.

So i will post a little now and more later, after i have something more thoughtful to say.

Today, i am eagerly awaiting the fix-the-well-guy.  The hubby did some calling on Friday afternoon (because i finally convinced him that it really doesn't accomplish anything when i call) and managed to stumble upon the very person who most recently (20 years ago or something) did work on this well.  So this fella, whose name is said to be Johnny, knows what is actually going on with our well and what's down there (a subject which has been of some confusion and controversy), and he is scheduled to come this morning.  The plan is that he will use some fantastic well-worker-guy tool to fish out the pipe we lost when it snapped and all hope was lost, he will "blow out" the well (i'm not entirely sure what that means, but it has something to do with air going down however many feet and blowing), he will put all the pieces back together and let us know if we have to buy any new pieces, and then we will see if the well still works.  Shall i tell you why this is questionnable (in case this is of interest to ANYone) ?

There has been sand in our water since....we moved in i guess.  And then the well just mysteriously stopped working.  So if they "blow out" the well and put it back together, and it can't get suction, then that means that the well-casing (the big pipe on the outside) is cracked, and fixing that probably means drilling a new well.  Drilling a new well, incidentally, is about 5 times more expensive than i was originally told - and out of our reach right now.  SO, if that becomes the case, then the plan is to use the current hole for an old fashioned hand pump and pioneer it for a months, which is cool, 'cause we want a hand pump anyway (in case of power outages, etc.), but we'd really prefer the automatic option at this time.

Not my will, but the Lord's be done.  He always knows best, and i'll let Him.


  1. You are so awesome Beth.... such a camper girl.....


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