Friday, February 12, 2010


I didn't blog last night because i was anticipating puppies.

Jelly started acting like she was in the "puppy way" around bedtime, and having no idea what kind of time it would take, i stayed up to make sure she was o.k.  I spent most of the night trying to route her back to the area we had set up to contain the messy business of puppies.  I'm really glad i did that because otherwise, i'm pretty sure she would have had them on top of a box of my nice clothes that is under my bed.

Anyway, after i had narrowed down her options by barricading all the places where i really didn't want her to have puppies, i was exhausted and decided to go to bed.  That was 3:00 a.m.  At 3:15, i awoke to the sound of whining puppy.

Instead of the nice soft (protected) area we had prepared for her, Jelly chose the cold, hard cement of our storage area.

Ungrateful dog.

After she had a few minutes to get the "business" situated, i stole her puppy and helped her understand where puppies need to be.  Here is the most moving part.  The tiny little moment i'm about to tell you about makes me well up with tears every time i think about it.

As i said, i stole her puppy and carried him or her back to the assigned puppy-having location.  I laid the puppy down in a place where i thought Jelly would just gather him up and continue mommying.  But Jelly couldn't figure out how to grab the puppy from where i had lain him down.  The puppy, of course, started shrieking, and Jelly, feeling helpless, laid down with her nose right in front of her puppy - and whined back.  I wish i could describe it better, but that moment of longing and helplessness moved me to tears.

Anyway, i delivered the puppy to a more advantageous location and went back to bed.

When i got back up at 5:30, Jelly was peacefully nursing 6 puppies.

About 6:00, i managed to catch the emerging of #7.

Then, while i was putting a little boy on the bus, #8 was born between 6:45 and 7:00.

I'm pretty sure she's done now.

I have to say that i'm surprised at how much more it sounds like a squawl of cats in my living room than a littler of puppies.  I'm sure that will change.  Every once in a while, one of them sounds like a human baby, and another one of them actually has meowed a time or two.  Funny.

That's my story.

I'm going to bed.

Sweet dreams of puppies dancing in my head.


  1. awesome and fantastic!!!! i love it so much!!!

  2. OMGosh!!!! I need to come take pictures!!

  3. i love your profile picture..... you are so cwazy


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