Monday, February 1, 2010


Today was a relief of two areas of temporary stress in our lives.

First, we once again have running water in our home.  Novel idea.  It's really nice to wash your hands under running water.

Second, i haven't really shared with you except in veiled references.  Over the past several weeks - maybe about the same time frame as we have been without water, there have been loggers in our neighborhood, cutting down trees on the neighbors' property on both sides of us...behind our house and across the street.

Because i have never in my memory heard anything upstanding about any group of loggers, i was very leary, concerned that some sneaky fellow would cut down trees that we treasure and which belong to us, on our property.  I won't share details, but i had inside information that there was actually some encouragement for them to cut down at least one of the trees just on our side of a property line.

So, day after day, i was ever-watchful of the fellows with the giant tree toppling tractor.

In my notes i called them, "Rapers of the Land," because that's what it looked like when they left a place - like giant locusts had been there.

Well, today, they loaded up their big machine and drove away.

Insert giant smiley face here.

I look forward to quiet country days ahead, absent of the roar of tractors and falling 100 year-old trees.

Thank You, Lord.


  1. that makes me so sad for all that beautiful forest around your homestead Beth! And those pretty trees.... Dad Gum


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