Monday, March 22, 2010


Five new baby chicks this morning.  And one good mama chicken.

I am very pleased.

The other mama hen is hatching her babies right now.  So far we have two and at least one slowly cracking egg. It kills me not to watch every second.

God's creation is so amazing!  It's so unbelievable that that egg and that mama made new life.  How can anyone believe it's an accident?


  1. God is so awesome! Rogers Country is fertile ground indeed!

  2. Congratulations! Do you feel like a grandma now? =)

  3. Thank you for the congratulations.

    And no, i'm pretty sure this is nothing like being a grandma.


  4. oh wow. they look so different from the other chicks! too cute :)

  5. Oh yeah, way different.

    Sadly, it looks as though Jack (the rooster who went to live in the woods) probably had a hand in the making of these chicks, so it's hard to say how they'll turn out exactly.

  6. very pretty!!! is that how they look after hatching??

  7. well, immediately after hatching, they're all wet and kind of uncuddly looking (see Bedste's posts on chickenchat blog), but after they dry off, then yes.


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