Saturday, March 27, 2010

good and messy life a.k.a. let me sum up

O.k., here i am.  Writing again.

I have decided (for maybe the 42nd time) that it is good for me to write, and i should do it even if i'm tired.

And i have been tired.  It has been kind of an emotional roller coaster, so i need to catch you up on the highlights.

It has been exHAUSting.

I told you that my baby chicks started hatching (thankfully) two days earlier than planned.  I was SO happy about that.

So at the beginning of this week, i had in my care:  9 brand new baby chicks, 9 four-week baby chicks, 8 dogs (one adopted last week), 20 full grown hens, and 4 roosters, plus a 1 year-old boy and a three-year-old girl between the hours of 7 and 4.

I thought everything was fine.  I seemed to be coping fine.

Then, one of the cute little puppies discovered that chickens don't make fun chew toys - two days later another puppy discovered that they do, however, make a great dinner.

One day later another puppy discovered the newly hatched make a great snack.

I, who had been previously pretending everything was fine taking it all in stride (whatever that means) broke down into a pile of mush.

The world is horrible.  I can't get control.  Too many tiny things that want to kill each other.

Giant emotional emergency.

All the puppies went into puppy jail.

The next day, the wonderful, kind, sensitive, and helpful husband of mine removed the offending puppies.

Remaining puppies stayed in puppy jail.

Everything seemed mostly ok, and then the one year old child fell off my porch into very stubborn stobs (word?) of unwanted shrubs and gashed his head.

(stob:  what would be a woody shrub, sticking out of the ground because it has been cut down to that level by the caretaker of the land.  cut down but not nearly low enough)

God help me!  (and i mean that in the way that you mean it when you are actually talking to God)  I am definitely a horrible babysitter.

Child got stitches.

Small chickens placed in more secure environment that previously was not secure until God helped me barricade it.

Mean offending stobs covered to protect living things of all sizes and species.

Peace approached.

Lessons learned:  puppies don't mean to be cruel killers, so they should be separated from things they can kill; i should ask God for help a LOT more often (didn't we hear this lesson recently?); when i do ask for help, HE responds.

End of day today:  i am down to 8 newly hatched chicks, 8 five-week old chicks, 20 hens, 3 puppies, one Jelly, 4 roosters.  Tomorrow, i am to be relieved of two roosters and one puppy.

On Monday, i am to be back in charge of same small children.

But this time, it will be a nicer week.  It will.

Seriously, it will.


Now i must share with you the happier side of the week by sharing with you a little child humor.  I LOVE child humor!

The three year old girl i'm watching had seen a cartoon wherein the main character learns to do a magic trick.

This little girl tries to imitate her by taking some flower petals off the counter and putting them in her hand.

She tells me to guess which hand they're in.

Every time i get it wrong, and they're in neither hand.

"What happened to them?"  i ask.

"It's magic!  They disappeared!"  she exclaims.

"Wow!" i condescend, clapping and pretending it's the greatest thing i've ever seen.

After about the third time, this tricky little girl gets a big grin on her face.

"It's not magic!" she says, like i'm a big stupid head, " I threw them on the FLOOR!"

Laughing ensues.

Silly me.  =D


Remember how i said i'd rather have messy life than clean non-life?  I still think so.


  1. I was just thinking yesterday: After all that has been going on since you moved to the country, how do you like being a farmer compared to working at the courthouse?
    Just wondering....=)

  2. This is way better than the courthouse! There's no comparison.


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