Friday, March 12, 2010

He Who cares for me and mine

I had to go read my own blog just now so that i could remember what i said last.

Chickens and laundry and it.

So you're dying for news of my Wednesday road trip?  If you are, and i won't be offended if you are not, please refer to this link.  Blog entry about chicken road trip.

Here, i want to share something spiritual - but relating to the chicken road trip.

On Wednesday morning, i had prepared myself with clean clothes and clean shoes and plenty of gas and extra oil and ... and ... and..., and i went on my way to meet Eva in Cut and Shoot, where we would begin our journey together.

Normally on a little trip like that - when i'm alone - i will turn on the radio and sing my little heart out all the way.  I don't get a chance to do that very often, and it's fun, so that was the plan.

But as i started down the road, i felt the urge of the Holy Spirit to turn off the radio and just listen to Him.  And after a little more prodding, that's what i did.  And i'm so glad.  The Lord spoke to my heart something that i want to share with you.

**disclaimer:  i'm about to say things like, "God told me..."  When i say that, i mean that i strongly felt His impression on my heart that i have learned to recognize as Him speaking to me.  If i ever heard Him audibly with my physical ears, i'll let you in that probably.  But that's not what happened here.

I was thinking about these chickens and our trip and the excitement and the dreaded possibility of getting some horrible chicken disease and spreading it to my flock, etc., when the Lord reminded me that i had never asked Him about this rooster.  I had asked my husband, which was right and good, but i had not asked God.

Some people will tell you that God gives us principles and leaves the details of our lives to us.  I disagree.  Here's why.

The next thing that He spoke to me was about how if i will bring these little things to Him and hear from Him about what to do, then i give Him room in the details of my life to protect what is important to me.  And He wants to do that.

He is not so limited that He can only deal with the big picture - and He has to leave the details to us.  He leaves all the details to us, but He desires that we would involved Him in each and every one.  He wants to be the center of our lives.

I hope that my words can come close to conveying the cared-for-ness that the heavenly Father conveyed to my heart at that moment.

I have not, in the past, truly considered that it would be God's will for me to raise chickens.  I knew that He would use whatever i do to teach me more about Him and His nature, but i did not consider that He will guide me in each detail - if i will let Him.

In the truck, on the way to Eva's, i broke down and cried and asked Him to forgive me.  I want Him in everything.  How much easier to rely on the all-knowing Father for instruction, instead of trying to predict the future on my own.

Specifically, God knew whether our travel to this far away chicken farm would yield devastation to our own flocks.  Why wouldn't i want His o.k. before going?  I'd be nuts not to seek His approval, knowing that He knows and cares about what happens to me and mine.

So, it turned out to be a really nice trip to Cut and Shoot, hearing from the Lord and softening my heart to His instruction.

And the whole day was lovely  - we got lost, but we got found, so it was o.k., just long.

And then i brought home one of the most beautiful animals i think i've ever seen.

I am absolutely in love with this bird.  He is the nicest rooster i think i could ever have.  And maybe you'd have to know about chickens to understand, but he is so sweet and does not struggle against me.  Most roosters don't like to be handled.  But this guy, he's cool.

I don't usually publish pictures of myself on my blog.

I like to let you imagine me as pretty and in shape and photogenic as i imagine myself to be before i look at my own pictures.  But in this case, i'll share.

See how happy i look in this picture?  That's how happy i really am.

That's Magnus in my arm there.  He looks a little less than smiley in this picture, but then again, he's a chicken.  Don't judge him too harshly.

Here's a more recent picture of Magnus and his buddy Hansel.  Hansel will soon go to live at Eva's house, but he's hanging out in Rogers Country for a few weeks to keep Magnus company during his quarantine period.

That's Hansel in front and Magnus in back.  Magnus has an unusual comb with lots of fingers/teeth in it.  You can't see Hansel's comb in this picture, but it's a little more sort of all the same length - in a chicken comb sort of way.

One last thing, because i think you deserve a good laugh.  While i was typing this post, my dog, Jelly, you know the one with all the puppies, started raising a fuss outside - in what sounded like the direction of the chicken coop.  It sounded like the kind of fuss that was about to eat something for a late night snack, so when it didn't subside, i decided to go investigate.  There was no one here to take a picture, but i put on a sweatshirt over my pajamas and took my $3 yellow flashlight (the kind they sell in the impulse rack at Lowe's) and my shotgun.  I felt like some kind of hillbillie csi, doing the flashlight and gun thing.  Very cute.  And there was no one there.  Although, there was one suspicious shadow that turned out to be ....well, nothing.  I thought you'd enjoy that image.

Happy night, friends.


  1. Sweet Beth, I see our Lord in your countenance. His beauty just radiates from you ! Thank you for posting your picture, because you blessed me twice with it: Once with your words, the other time with your countenance. What beauty.


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