Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Life, More Abundantly

Some months (i don't remember how long) i became a member of the arbor day foundation, paid my $10 dues, and subsequently expected to receive 10 free "trees" in the mail.  Yesterday, my trees arrived.  I'm very excited.

Here's the package i received in the mail.  Or, more correctly, this is what the trees looked like when i pulled them out of the package.

Here they are all separated.  Four dogwoods, 3 goldenraintrees, 3 redbuds, and one crapemyrtle.

Some of the dogwood trees are fairly small.  Hehe!

I promised one of the dogwood trees to a lady at my church.  The others, i planted today.  I might have taken pictures of where i planted them.  But, one, it was raining, and my camera doesn't like water.  Two, when i walked my husband directly up to one of the trees and pointed to it, he said, "where?" and he was serious.  So i don't think a picture would've helped.  

So.  I made this fairly inaccurate drawing on paint to show you what my place sort of kind of looks like and roughly where i planted my trees.  It may or may not be enlightening, but i enjoyed drawing it.  You'll probably have to click on it and enlarge it in order to gain any new knowledge from it.  I hope you enjoy looking at it.

I'm going to have to find something very brightly colored that the rain won't wash away to mark my little trees with.  That way i will be able to find them - and avoid mowing them down when lawnmowing season arrives.

But i have big dreams.  I'm envisioning them in all their beautiful potential, making my yard glow with color, attracting bees and butterflies to taste their nectar.  Sigh.

I hope you enjoy my drawing.

In other news, i'm babysitting this week.  Today, i had off, so i was able to plant trees.  Tomorrow, i start in again.  It's kind of like a competition, seeing if i can keep my house in some level of not-completely-filthy while watching 3 small children, who have to help me take care of 33 chickens, 9 dogs, and a cat.  It's kind of fun.  On Monday, when they were here, i kept hearing the phrase in my head, "life more abundantly."  Yeah.  Life is sometimes a mess, but abundant life, no matter how messy, is way improved over non-life, no matter how clean.


  1. I LOVE the map. (i would have so much fun creating that ;)

    I can't wait to plant trees too...Oh the simple things in life :)


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