Friday, March 5, 2010

metaphors about my back side


It probably seems like i wouldn't notice Fridays so much since i'm home every day of the week - BUT i do.

I'm happy it's Friday night for a few reasons.  One is that i'm getting a chance to post on this, my blog.

I haven't been writing much this week because i've been evaluating my habits and priorities.  It seems more important that i do the doing than that i write about the doing.  Not to mention that if all you're doing is writing about the doing and not so much doing the doing, then pretty soon you don't have any more doing to be writing about.

Meaning, i've been falling behind on keeping things up here around the homestead, and i'm in the midst of giving myself a kick in the pants and putting a fire under my seat and a few other metaphors involving my back side and getting a move on.

Another reason i have not been online much lately is that the monitor on my computer has all but completely blacked out, and i cannot see what i'm clicking on.  Therefore, i am using my husband's computer late at night after he is gone to sleep.  I know that our having two computers might make it sound like we've spoiled ourselves, but the truth is that they are both hand-me-down computers or were very very cheap - i can't remember specifically.  I believe we've paid a total of about $36 dollars for both systems, so we're doing pretty good.  Thankfully, tomorrow we have plans to receive another free monitor from a kind Freecycle member who has one i can use.  Whew!  It's amazing how much difference i makes.  My computer is set up just the way i like it, and my husband's .... isn't.

Back to the metaphors about my backside.

I think the Lord is trying to get something through to me.  I'm a little slow, but i'm starting to get it - more to His credit than mine.  Do you know the scripture that says .... hold on, i'll look it it is.  It's Proverbs 29:18.  The version you've probably heard says "Where there is no vision, the people perish."  That's only the first part of the verse, by the way.  I've had that verse in my head after every unproductive day for which i've had no plan.  If i have no plan for the day - no direction - no goals - the day generally ends without any accomplishment.  The day is dead because i did not use it.  That's how it seems to me.  The day perished.

I like the way The Message Bible says it - the whole verse this time - "If people can't see what God is doing, they stumble all over themselves..." (that definitely sounds like me) "...but when they attend to what He reveals, they are most blessed."  This remind me of the most important part of planning - getting God's plan.  Doing things my way often ends as badly as no plan at all (or worse).  But if stop to listen - and yes God cares about the work i do around my home - He really will direct me and even make my work easier than it would be.

Does God really care about the work i do around my home?  You betcha!  The very first chapter of the Bible reveals God's will that man have "dominion...over all the earth."  How much more should i have dominion over my house and yard?  This is the part of "the earth" that is specifically under MY jurisdiction.  So i need to take care of it.  Not to mention that everything i have is really HIS.  I need to be a good steward of all that He gives me.

These are just some of the things on my mind and heart lately.  They are also among the reason why i might not blog every single day until i get my system down - and why some of my phone calls might be cut a little short.  I need to get my priorities in God's order and make sure that what i have dominion over - my responsibilities and my spot in the earth - is in the order and condition God desires.

Then i will have a lot more doing to write about.

When i get back to my computer, i might also get to show you some great pictures.


  1. You are doing it right, sweet one. His plans are so grand and such an enormous blessing, even if it is just a day of small jobs. There is a peace in letting Him make all the decisions !

  2. i feel very blessed to have read your blog today ~ i also like the message translation of that scripture!! need to keep that in mind ALWAYS!!!

    Praise God about the monitor!!! He is soooooooo good to us!!!! ;-)

  3. Hey Tink,
    Mama showed me how to get to this.
    I did not know what I was missing.

    Expect to visit again soon.

    Love you,


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