Tuesday, March 30, 2010

puppy love

I mentioned puppy pictures yesterday, and today i will show you them.

Last week, while babysitting, the little girl was singing her version of a familiar song...

"...b. o. n. g. o. b. o n. g. o b. o n. g. o.....was his name-o!"

And i thought, "i'm a farmer.  i should have a dog named Bingo!"  And so i do.


We also kept this little darling.  James named her Belle, which in my head i want to spell Bealle, but i think that would be confusing.  She's not quite as photogenically cooperative as Bingo, so i had to go back about a week to get a couple good pictures.


Here's a great mother-daughter pic.  I included this one also so that, if you look very closely, you can see Belle has one blue eye and one brown - an attribute that endeared her to many, including my husband.

And of course, that's Jelly.  She looks a little grumpy there, but i think she was just sleepy.  

She's still a very happy and wonderful dog.


These are those over whom such great food quality laboring has been anguished, as demonstrated in yesterday's post.

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