Saturday, April 24, 2010

About things that grow and my personal super hero


today was the most beautiful perfect day.

During the night a wonderful front came through, brought rain, wiped away all that humidity and stifling heat, and brought a nice cool, pleasant breeze - to which i woke up after a good night's sleep.


While my darling was still sleeping, i tended to animals, made some extremely minor repairs to the bunnies' cages, spent some time with them trying to get in their heads (yes, still.).  I did get one message loud and clear:  they don't want me to pick them up.  That's unanimous.

Sorry, for the little rabbit trail (HAhaha!).

Anyway, i tended to animals and enjoyed the beautiful perfection of morning weather, and then my darling awoke.

After some breakfast, my dear aunt and cousin visited us to see bunnies and me and get some farm fresh eggs.

After they were gone, i tried to sell some chickens to someone on Craigslist but failed because i hold my chickens much too dear.

And then things really got started.

My darling had awakened this day with thoughts of gardens dancing about in his head.

And thus we were off to find something to put in the ground.

Now is where i will tell you about my personal super humans go.

My husband has never really known his strength - nor why he should not use all of it to do whatever he deemed doable.

When we first got married, someone gave us a 7 foot or so -long couch - that had a hide-away bed in it (meaning it was really heavy).  My sweet dear, did not see the point of having more than one person coordinate to carry this up the stairs to our second floor apartment.  He just put it on his back and carried it up.

And thus, i have always known that anything physical that needs to be done could be done by him (not just physical, mental too, but that's another post).

Today, he wanted a garden.

We don't have a tiller.

So he used a shovel.

My husband always amazes me.

I don't think he broke a sweat, and he made the most beautiful two little gardens for our vegetables.

Then he carried logs from the back of our property to the garden to surround it.

No big deal.

And then he planted the plants we bought.

Then he surrounded the whole thing in chicken wire to protect it from an unhappy fate at the paws of puppies and the talons of chickens.

And then he had a glass of tea and read about tomatoes.

He has no idea how fascinating i find him.

This is the reason i have such a hard time giving him a good web nick name.  He is super strong and super smart and super passionate and super gentle and a super good husband, and he loves me extra super very much.  He's my super hero.

He's also super excited about having a garden.  And so am i.  I'm also super happy that he seems to have some sense of how to care for a garden, a skill which i hope to gain.

Isn't that pretty?  Hopefully we'll plant something in those hollow corner logs too!

Here's the second one.  You can see my super hero's Texas calf tattoo very nicely in the background of our garden spot.

Here he is protecting the beautiful baby plants from certain death.
I'm so tickled!  They look so great!

Speaking of things that grow, this girl is sitting on five eggs that will probably be sweet baby chicks by morning.


One more thing about things that grow.

I have told you about my four year-old charge who loves to plant things.  Let's just go ahead and call her Sally.  

Sally loves to plant things, and she is fascinated by the concept of a seed.

She plants feathers and rocks and pieces of wood - anything that looks pretty she buries in the ground.  Clearly, she doesn't exactly understand how this process works.

So, this past two weeks, i decided to do a bean growing project.

We started with assorted beans in two cups with wet paper towels.

Sally was entirely unsatisfied with this project because she said they couldn't grow in paper towels.

So as soon as they started to sprout even a little, we moved them to a cup with soil.

We moved them ALL to the same cup with soil.

And now, i think they are ALL growing.

In the same cup.

Pretty good display, huh?

She's going to be so excited about our gardens!

The chicken wire will also protect our gardens from Sally.  

The bean project was my super hero's idea too.  He's super clever.

I have so much to be thankful for.  

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.  ~James 1:17


  1. I love your garden...... You might have to move the fence a little bit around the edges of the garden so you have room to walk when you are planting and weeding....

    James is awesome Cookie Man and super hero!

  2. I love how pretty your garden is with the natural log trim


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