Friday, April 23, 2010

Black Foot

I have always know that this part of the country qualifies as a portion of the "Soupy South."

(Well, at least as long as i've known that it existed, i probably knew.)

This morning, when the weather man said today would be "misty, hot, and humid," i don't think i took him seriously.

Something i don't think i remember ever happening before.....happened.

The cement floor of my house welled up with moisture from beneath and made the whole floor strangely damp.

Just damp enough that my not sweeping the floor this morning resulted in a layer of the thinnest mud in the world.

I like to go barefoot in the house on hot days because it helps to keep me cool - with the cool cement floor and all.

And i usually get somewhat dirty feet - or maybe dusty feet.

But this.

Who could prepare for this?

The moisture and the dust coated the bottoms of all of our feet with the thin mud.

Black foot.

I know.  Ew.  Hahahahahahahahahaha!

I took so many pictures of my feet trying to find the right "pose."

When i click through them, it looks like my nasty dirty feet are dancing.

Check it out.

If you scroll through them really fast, it's kind of funny.  Go ahead.  Try it.  I'll wait.

This has been the black foot ballet.

We (i and my feet) hope you enjoyed it.

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