Saturday, April 10, 2010

feather trees and tummies that flip

Today was a weird day.

Something had both mine and hubby's tummies doing flips most of the the middle of the day.  So we made a few very sad attempts at productivity, which resulted in not a lot.

I finally surrendered to seeing if a nap would help.

It sort of did.

I napped for 3 hours or something this afternoon - then got up, feeling somewhat better - made dinner, fed the ..... everything, and now here i am, feeling substantially better than before but not yet as well as well should be.

Since there was so much sleep and flipping bellies today, hubby and i have plans to stay up and watch Julie and Julia at 11pm.  We're ridiculous, i know.

This evening, when i checked on my broodies, i listened and heard one of the soon-to-hatch eggs cheaping at me, so we might have a baby or two in the morning.  New life is nice.

Tomorrow marks the end of my kidless week, so there is scheduled to be a good deal more life around here next week again - in the form of small humans.  It's probably a good thing too because i was taking way too much advantage of their absence this week.  Next week, i am sure we will learn about not reaching in the bunny cages, so that should be fun.

I am also planning to do the sprouting bean project with the little girl who loves to plant everything she finds.  So far she has "planted" feathers, fake eggs, rocks, and some actual seeds, none of which have sprouted.  She has even picked flowers that were already growing in the yard - and then buried them somewhere else.  I'm hoping she'll enjoy watching a real seed really sprout something.  No feather trees, perhaps, but maybe she'll like it anyway.

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