Thursday, April 1, 2010

gettin' dressed up

I used to hear people say something about enjoying "getting" to get dressed up and go do something fun.  And i would think they ..... well, let's just say i wouldn't relate to their happiness about getting dressed up.

I have pretty much always liked going casual.  In fact, one of my prerequisites for choosing my current church was that i couldn't feel pressure to dress up for church.  I have a little soapbox about that one - but maybe another time.....

Tonight, my husband came home and said he wanted to take me out.

I looked down at my holey, stained t-shirt, painty hands, and need-to-be-patched-again jeans and thought, "i should change clothes."

So i did.

I got dressed up.

Meaning, i put on a clean - non-holey t-shirt, a relatively clean pair of jeans, and my mostly-non-chicken-poopy-sort-of-new-looking tennis shoes (though i don't think they've ever seen a tennis court), and i combed my hair (novel).

We went out to our little town's Mexican restaurant, which was pretty good.  We had more than our fair share of tortilla chips and a nice meal.

Then we stopped at the grocery store to see if there was some ice cream we really needed to bring home.

And then we came home and put up the chickens and fed the dogs.

And for the first time i remember, i had the feeling that it had been really nice to "get dressed up" and go out and do something fun.


It was nice.


What do you think about that?