Thursday, April 8, 2010

Welcome the Ollies a.k.a. How do i reach Jeff Foxworthy?

Yesterday, i had a very peaceful, lazy morning, and when i got over being so very rested, i decided i better get going on getting my cages ready for my bunnies, soon to arrive.

Very thankfully, we have inherited a pile of used bird cages from my in-laws, who used to raise a LOT of finches and canaries.  They now have no birds, and a barn full of cages.  They said we could take all we wanted.  WOW

These cages, it turns out, are a wonderful size, roughly 1 1/2 by 3 feet, perfect for small chickens - or - if outfitted with some rabbit wire, for bunnies.

So really, all i had to do was cut rabbit wire to the appropriate size and convince it to stay in the bottoms of the cages.  Bird cages are conveniently designed with little poop-catching trays beneath the wire, so they're perfect.

I was just about to walk outside to work on the cages when the phone rang.

It was the bunny man.  He was on his way.

He said he would be here in about 40 minutes, and he was bringing 3 bunnies.

So i thought i'd better hurry it up.

God gave my hands speediness, and i was able to have all 3 cages ready, literally seconds before the bunny man arrived.


The bunny man (whose name is Tyson, but it's more fun to call him the bunny man) came and went, and there i was with three bunnies in bird cages on the picnic table.

They're in a very breezy area of our yard that is normally pretty shady, so i was happy with their ability to stay cool (bunnies don't like heat), but then i noticed that it was starting to feel like rain. roof.  We can't have the new bunnies getting all dripped on.  What to do.......

Here's where i thought i might have to put in a call to Jeff Foxworthy for an evaluation.

I looked around to see what i could use in a pinch.

We have some used pieces of metal roofing from a couple of buildings we've torn down, so i thought that would work.

But i didn't want to just lay metal pieces right on top of those cages.  I wanted them to continue to benefit from the overhead breeze.

So i found a very large bird cage, laid it over all three bunnies' cages, and then laid three pieces of roofing over that.

Thankfully, it doesn't look quite as redneck in pictures as you might have imagined.

I'm so glad i did it too.....because even though it didn't rain between 3 and 4 pm like the weather man predicted, while i was at church, it started to storm.  It rained, and it rained harder, and it rained even harder, and it started to hail, and it hailed harder........and harder. It was so loud the pastor had to pause for a few minutes to let it pass.

Poor bunnies....their first night in a new place, and it HAILS on them....on a tin roof.  I bet it was REALLY loud for the bunnies.

Anyway, this is today's big news.  We have bunnies.  These are all girls.  We still have to get a boy so they can breed like bunnies.

I thought we'd name them Polly, Dolly, and Molly, and we'll call them the Ollies, for short.  ;)  That may or may not stick.

Also, for those of you who are getting that concerned look on your face, this is a temporary housing situation for the Ollies.  A proper rabbit hutch is in the works.

For your viewing pleasure, here are a few more pictures.

As you can see, the chickens and Jelly are very interested in this new development.  Jelly barely leaves them alone, but the chickens are just trying to reach their food.

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  1. Congratulations! You should have some interesting times ahead of you. We got some heavy rain, too. Really needed it. Today it snowed all day! Didn't really need that. =)


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