Monday, April 5, 2010

wet chickens and friendly dogs

I think i will give you some short hand updates for now - and pictures later.

This week, i am kidless.  Nice.  So my chickens are getting some more attention - or their coop is, and i am having a little more down time.

Also, we are expecting to receive 3 or 4 bunnies sometimes this week, and we are way excited about a new addition to our little farm.

Jelly's puppies are all but completely weaned, and she has taken to mothering the 2 week-old chicks.  I swear she followed them around all day with a giant smile on her face.  She's having a blast.  Yesterday, she bathed one of the poor darlings, so we're working on instilling proper dog-mothering-chicks behavior.  But i think she's getting it.  Oh, and the chick looked dazed - but survived entirely.

One of the puppies, Belle, true to her mother's genes, was trying to wrestle with her chicken friends.  She experienced intensive behavioral modification therapy and is now getting along famously.  It turns out chickens don't enjoy wrestling with dogs - no matter what you tell 'em, they're just not into it.

Tomorrow, i am expecting a visit from some of my favorite people, so i plan to get up early and see about making my house look less i like i live in it quite so well.

I took a couple of great pictures today, but i will have to share them later.

Happy Monday to everyone.  It was a long time coming, and i'm so glad it's here!

In closing, i don't plan to proofread this, so please forgive any errors.


  1. I love your blog! =)

  2. Just stoppin in to get caught up and say HI!! Between you and Eva and all the Chicken Chat, it makes me more inclined to have chickens on my (one-day) farm. Gonna have to have a farm if we wanna feed all these boys. Gonna need cows for milk & meat, chickens for eggs and meat...but I really never want a pig. Never wanted chickens either, but spent some time at eva's one afternoon, and the boys had such fun and really liked the chickens. They still talk about going to Ms. Eva's house again. And the chickens were kinda cute. Kinda. So I read with interest as you establish your farm...and hope to do the same one day. Miss you, friend! =)


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