Thursday, April 29, 2010

what you think that i think that you think that i think that you think of me....or something like that

I hesitated to write this post.

I don't want you to think less of me.

What i want is for you to believe that i am the perfect homemaker and that my home is, although unfinished, perfectly spotless.

I also want you to believe that my yard is always in perfect order, and although my animals relieve themselves wherever they wish, it simply does not ever stink.

These things are not true.

Why do i want you to believe these things?

Because some part of my brain thinks that the rest of you have it all together all the time, and you won't understand that i don't.....i don't have half of it together most of the time.

But i do try.

Then i have to realize...i have to plug in some logic to my otherwise not necessarily so logical mind..... and realize that probably, you don't have it all together either.

No offense.  Just sayin'.

I'm sure some of you have it all perfectly down.

But you're probably not having as much fun as i am if you do.


Why'd i say all that?

Oh yeah.


I'm kind of pleased with myself.

I finally got the kitchen clean.

I know.  Ridiculous.

I'm not going to tell you how long i've been working on it.

It hasn't just been sitting there molding.  I have been working on it.  I just haven't been catching up.

Back to the story.

I cleaned my kitchen.

And then i fixed an unusually fancy and many-pot-using dinner.

And THEN, i made my sweet-tooth-having hubby a batch of cookies.


My kitchen is still clean.

This doesn't happen often enough.

We must celebrate the little things.


O.k. i'm done.

I hope you don't think less of me.

Oh wait.

One more thing.

Recipe tip:

When i made sugar cookies this evening, i used this recipe from  I used Mexican vanilla (i'm not exactly sure what makes it different because it's Mexican, but it's really good), and i added almond extract to this recipe.  I also baked the cookies for exactly 8 minutes, not a minute more.  And they were perfect.  I'm not a big sugar cookie person, but these were pretty amazing.  They're easy.  Use real butter and give 'em a try.

O.k., one more other thing.

To those of you who sometimes let me know that you read my blog, thank you.  I get a special delight out of knowing that someone is reading this.  I also forget that real people read this stuff and will try to tell you things in person that you already read on my blog.  But that's another story.

Please feel free to comment.

Comments make me giddy.

You don't have to sign in to anything to comment.  You can be anonymous - as long as you don't say anything un-family-friendly.  But i know you wouldn't do that.

This is a family friendly blog.....

except on slaughtering day, at which time there will be a written warning, 'cause i promised DeAnna i wouldn't do that to her.

O.k., i'm almost done, but you have to see this.

I was coming back from checking the mail when i saw this.
So i went in the house and got the camera, and they were still at it.  Cuddling.  Sort of.

Yes, i'm showing you all of the pics i took, pretty much.  It's late, and i'm a little giddy.

If you look really closely, you can see little baby chick feet underneath the mama chick.

Jelly's not really attached to that tree, by the way, but she is tied up for part of the day while the baby chicks are outside.  Jelly has an overwhelming urge to bathe the baby chicks when she's not tied up.

This is my favorite pic.  They look like they're talking.

And then later, after this cute little scene was over, and i was without my camera, a wayward baby chick who couldn't find her mommy decided to find shelter under Jelly instead.  AND Jelly didn't try to bathe the chick. Too cute.  Oh for a video camera attached to my eyes so i could show you all the cute things i see.


  1. awe what a great dog....... I love it.....what a great photo shooot

  2. Neat stuff Beth.
    You are correct, none of us have it all together and any one thinking they do needs help.

    Love you,

  3. For you information missy, I have it ALL my brain only.

    My apt is a wreck literally - I do laundry as is necessitated (underroos, ya know), my car hasn't even been completely cleaned out from when I went to Texas March 17th, and my dishwasher sits with clean dishes in it the majority of the time b/c I fill/run it and then don't empty it and continue to eat off dishes out of the cabinet and keep the dirty dishes in the sink (I know, it is cyclical!) Oh, and I have a den/spare room that has all my papers on the floor for my "filing project" that "I'm going to get done soon"...

    And last but not least -
    I live BY MYSELF for crying out loud! No one else to even somewhat put the blame on :)

    From your messy apt, non-cleaned out car, living by-myself friend in Colorado,
    April :)

    P.S. - LOVE the pictures. I just love Jelly and your chickens!

  4. hey! me too! But I cleaned the kitchen Satuday, and cooked today (not fancy -- frozen and ready for the oven stuff) and now the kitchen is STILL clean...miracle of miracles.

    I SO DO NOT have it together. I can barely do the bare minimum most of the gets very discouraging. But I am pretty impressed with the kitchen -- I rejoice with you!!

    Today, I spent time cleaning my room. One hour and 2 Wal-mart bags of trash later -- I have a very small corner of the room clean. It's pathetic. Our room is like the storage room -- we have such a small house, it's where everything that doesn't have a place goes. Almost looks like one of those "Hoarders" documentaries. Just all shoved into one room. Most of the stuff is old and needs to be thrown away (mail, papers, etc) or are clothes waiting to be folded or laundered. We put it there, bc outta sight, outta mind. But this week is "Clean My Room" Week. So little by little, as my energy is available, I will chip away at it. In the meantime, I am quite pleased with my little corner. How sad it that?? =)

    Jelly and the chicken are really cute. It does need a video. =)

  5. Teresa RockefellerApril 5, 2011 at 8:27 PM

    so very glad 2 hear i am not alone :-)


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