Wednesday, April 28, 2010

why "i" and "some" college

*I totally thought i posted this here yesterday.  Then i discovered that i posted it somewhere else.  How embarrassing.  Anyway, here's yesterday's missing post.*


You know how certain questionnaires will want to know your education level?  It'll be multiple choice, and the options will be something like:

a) high school
b) some college
c) bachelor's degree
d) master's degree
e) super smarty pants

Well, i dislike these options.  I don't think i properly fit.

When i graduated from high school, i was sure i knew what i wanted to do with my life.  I was going to be an elementary school teacher.  I prayed a long time about where to go to school, and i picked Oral Roberts University, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

ORU is a great school, in my opinion.  And my time there was very beneficial to my development as a person, as an adult, and as a Christian.

However, i didn't really know what i wanted to do with my life.  I think my choice of occupation had a little bit to do with the fact that most of the adults i had ever met in my lifetime had been teachers.....because i had been going to school.

Anyways, the beginning of my fourth year in college, i finally, most resolutely, discovered and decided that teaching small children was most definitely not for me.  The material was just boring!  At that point, i changed my major to English or English Education or something like that.  The idea was that i could teach Junior High and High School English.

The next two years of classes were delightful.  The part of my brain that loves putting things in order was delighted with being an English major.  I spent spare time diagramming sentences, was fascinated by the material i learned in "History of the English Language," and i was delighted by the dizzying happiness of learning the phonetic alphabet and writing letters to my classmates with phonetic figures.  It was awesome!

One of the teachers i had during those last couple of years at ORU (honestly, i don't remember what class it was - we wrote papers in this class, but i don't remember about what or why) shared her personal feelings about the use of the pronoun "I."  In case you didn't know this, English professors always have some weird little eccentricity or pet peave about the way language is used that they feel obligated to share with all their students.  It's in the genes or something.  Anyway, she pointed out that grammatical rules (at the time) allowed for the capitalization of no other pronoun except those referring to God.  She pointed out the great pridefulness of the English language to make this distinction.  I wholeheartedly agreed and thus adopted the same practice.

This is why i don't capitalize "i" in my sentences unless "i" happens to come at the beginning of the sentence and is capitalized for other reasons.  I also religiously capitalize all pronouns referring to God.  It's my way of humbling myself and lifting Him up.

O.k., back to the "some college" bit.

Since i waited until my fourth year of college to change my major, i had no classes to take to finish my new degree plan - except intense English classes.  These included classes like World Literature, American Literature, and English Literature - all at the same time.  Since students of these types of classes are expected to read several novels and enormous amounts of text book "literature," and their professors foster no acknowledgement that their students have any other classes to balance, and since i also had multiple composition classes to finish during a short period of time, (this, by the way, is probably a run-on sentence; i'm not going to look), i finally, at the end of 5 years at the university, had to admit complete burn-out, and i never finished my degree.

This is not sob story, by the way.  In spite of my own faults, i am very happy with the life i live now, and i am confident of God's presence in it.

This is a funny story, although somewhat embarrassing.

I told you all of this partially to tell you why i write "i" instead of "I," but also to tell you why i really want there to be an option that says

b2) a LOT of college

because "some" college really doesn't fit me.

The end.


  1. Haha! I just found your blog linked from Jessica Clark's blog. I too, have an unfinished degree from ORU. (-6 hrs because of $4k debt. It's my little secret. I always tell everyone I'm finished). I, too, get a little mystified at the "some college," label. I remember the week after my first semester, I applied at Wal-Mart. (You know, THE Wal-Mart...hehe), and I was so excited that I could put, "some college." Now, I just put the little white lie...Bachelor's. What's the difference...anyway...I was a journalism major at ORU 2000-2005. When you were there?

  2. Hi Layla!

    Nice to meet you. ;)

    I was at ORU from '93 to '98. Missed you by a couple of years. haha

  3. I was so wondering why you did that...HONESTLY!


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