Monday, May 10, 2010

-insert title here-

I have recently been made aware that my public is concerned that i may never write again.

Well, actually, it was my dad.

But just in case you share his concern, please let me reassure you.

It's all about cycles.

Not those kind of cycles.

I'm talking about cycles of inspiration for writing.

Sometimes i write 3 times in one day.

Other times, i don't.

Other other times, i write in a journal that i just don't share with you.

But it always remains that i will write.

It's in me.

Since i started recording my meals in my second grade diary, i have always had a need or a desire to write things down.

So you may rest assured.

I will write.  And i will probably write here.

But i'll try to refrain from recording my daily meals for you.

Unless they're really good meals requiring i share the recipe.

Like yesterday i had beef and cabbage.

That probably doesn't sound very good, but you have to try it.

I'll share the recipe later.


As you can see, i don't have anything very interesting to say exactly right now.

But i didn't want to keep my dad public waiting any longer.

I'll try to do better.

Please stay tuned for tales of crazy beautiful chickens and boring bunnies and wiggly puppies and possibly of firearms and of good food.

More good blogging to come.

And thank you for the encouragement.

I love my daddy.  <3


  1. I'm glad your daddy said something because i was wondering as well!!!! missed you in blog land1!! I love you mucho!!!

  2. I think I love your Daddy, too.

    I don't venture out to blogs very often, because, eimply put, I am swamped with things to do. But there is a ligth rain right now and I can sit here and listen to it admission browse about to see what the people I care about are doing.

    So, thanks to your dad and for his daughter's obedience!


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