Saturday, May 29, 2010


Recently, i wrote an on-line review for a local business (the best barbecue ever), and today when my husband went there to buy dinner, they gave us some of it for free as thanks for the great review!  I was so pleased and happy that i had just gotten paid for my writing for the first time ever, and i imagined, for a moment, being a professional critic.  Then i remembered Anton Ego's words, and his monologue about the worthlessness of his profession (yes, i realize this is a cartoon character), and i thought maybe that's not the road for me.  And plus, i don't think it counts if the businesses you review PAY you.  Haha.  Just so we're clear, these people weren't paying me.  I didn't write the review because i expected something.  I just wrote the review because it was true.  Just so we're clear.

Anyway, with completely unrelated motivations, i remembered a magazine i would like to plug.  A dear friend of mine from college, Joy Moore, is Copy Editor for this little known, but wonderful, Christian Women's Magazine, called Shine.  I'm pretty picky about magazines.  To be more truthful, i just don't read magazines because i find it so hard to find one that doesn't try to drag my spirit down, so this plug doesn't come nonchalantly.  When i recently was blessed to read an issue, i was uplifted by so many inspired articles, and i was surprised at the lack of ridiculous advertisements.  This magazine is THICK, and it's almost entirely articles.  What's more, every page is really beautiful.  I think they've only published 5 issues, so far, and they have done a beautiful and professional job of it.  This is a very quality, uplifting, inspiring Christian Women's magazine.  Check it out.  And if you live near me, i'll let you read one of mine when i'm done scouring every page.  But they're so thick and wonderful, that you might better go get your own.  Shine Magazine.

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  1. i want to borrow the magazine when you get a chance!!! i looked at the website and it looks very cool!!!

    Any word about the party on Saturday???


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