Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Trust in God and...

What has been keeping me from you lately?

Sometimes it's just general absentmindedness.  

But most recently, it was ..... well, i don't have a word for it, so lemme splain.

We live in the woods.

But our particular place in the woods happens to be open (and i mean wide open) to the entrance road to our little neighborhood.  In fact, we're the very first house in the neighborhood.  This means that every single person who comes into our neighborhood passes by our house.

Normally, this is fine.  It makes nice opportunities to meet our neighbors, to talk about chickens and rabbits, to hear people's thoughts on our yard upkeep, etc.

Pretty much, if we're outside for very long during the day, someone will stop and say hello.

We like that, by the way.  Our neighbors, all in all, are very kind friendly, and haven't actually made any direct comments about our yard upkeep.

~~Rabbit trail~~  When we first moved in, we were pulling stuff out of the house and moving things around and trying to figure out what to do with some things, and so we had some stuff on our front porch.  Kind of in a holding pattern.  Our very first visitor was a nice near-retirement-age lady, who stopped by and told us how brave she thought we were for keeping so many of our personal belongings outside like that.  That still makes me laugh.  I laught heartily.  Brave.  My husband cleaned up the porch the next day.~~Rabbit trail ended.~~

However, every once in a while someone suspicious will stop by when i'm home by myself, and their actions will make me think that maybe it would be good if i had some means of convincing strangers that i'm in charge around here.

So, after quite a bit of planning and saving, yesterday my hubby and i rode into the big city and purchased firearms.  Firearms that we hope we will never use for their intended purpose.  I mean, let's face it, hand guns were invented for the purpose of shooting people.  We don't want to shoot people.

At the most, i hope that if i ever use my gun, it will be simply to confuse a trespasser who doesn't expect the plump, gentle looking woman, in her yard with her chickens and puppies, picking flowers and watering vegetables, to draw a gun.  I hope that confusion is all that will ever be necessary to send trespassers looking for home.

I have read stories about sweet little old ladies in back offices who surprise robbers by shooting out a window or such.  That sort of thing.

I really don't ever want to shoot a person.  But if the occasion ever arises in which i would find it necessary to shoot a person, i also do not want to find myself without the means.

All that said, i trust in God.  And i know that His angels surround me.  I'm not scared.

And now i also have a gun.

That's one safe chick!  Lol!

~~In the making of the preceding photos, extreme gun safety was exercised.  Featured gun is unloaded and on safety.  This chick was in no danger; neither was she threatened by said gun to pose so adorably.~~


  1. i love the pictures!!! thanks for sharing!

  2. guns n roses ....

    i mean guns and chicks and daffodils....and eggs

  3. ok i'm not trying to be political here, this is just a straight question

    what actually happens if, say, you woke up with a shadow at the foot of your bed, reached for the gun and shot an intruder dead?

    would you get arrested? would they charge you? is it a crime to shoot someone who's broken into your house?

    I'm in the uk where there were some v famous cases recently of people being sent to prison for daring to attack people who had broken into THEIR HOUSES

    everyone thought it was ridiculous but it still happened. arrested. charged. convicted. ridiculous!!

    big difffence being that here it's v hard to get a gun licence

    anyway great post there. i pray to God you never have to use that gun. take care of yourself ;->...

  4. Hi Gledwood.

    Thanks for your comments.

    Good question actually. Here in the U.S., each state tends to have its own rules about how you can and can't defend yourself in your own home.

    Thanks be to God, here in Texas, i can defend myself, anyone on my property, my home, my assets, even my crops and my trees and my animals, by use of deadly force if need be.

    A couple of years ago, a guy shot some thieves who were running away with his neighbor's property, and he didn't get prosecuted even for that. There was a lot of controversy around that one, of course, but that might give you an idea as to the mindset of Texan lawmakers, citizens, and law enforcement.


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